When You Need Innovative Solutions, Call Smart Choice Plumbing

If your drains are clogged you probably know to call a professional plumber and you are probably familiar with the snaking method of removing blockages. What many people aren’t familiar with is hydro jetting, an innovative method for unclogging drains and sewer lines. Though snaking works well for small blockages and common clogs, when your drains are seriously blocked, hydro-jetting is the best way to remove the clog and clear out your drains on the first visit.

Our Ventura County experts specialize in this service and can help you diagnose and treat even the most stubborn drain blockages.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

It is considered to be the most effective alternative method to traditional drain cleaning. After traditional methods, like snaking, you may notice your water is flowing again but still is not as efficient as you would like. Where power snaking makes a hole through the blockage, hydro jetting clears the entire blockage, restoring your pipes to their full, working capacity.

Our experienced Smart Choice plumbers have handled numerous blockages on the job and we can help you get your drains back in working order.

Smart Choice Plumbing Hydro Jet machine